Our Story


Our Story

Yoga is a way of life, not just the hour or so you spend on your mat.

When you learn to discover and claim what lies within them, the relationship to your external world shifts.

The practice of yoga helps to not only strengthen the body through asana postures while on the mat, but it also provides opportunities to its practitioners to explore and discover themselves within their everyday habits off the mat as what they practice on the mat translates into the rest of their lives.

Root to Rise Yoga and Lifestyle provides for its students:


Strengthening of the Body, Mind, & Spirit
Opportunities for Self-Awareness & Self-Reflection
Natural Growth and Self-Realization
Ease with the Present Moment
Unlayering of what is not the Truth
Embracing of the Good Present Within and Without

Root to Rise’s message of “Own Your Body, Own Your Life, Own Your Freedom”…stems from the belief that when you take control of what is happening with your body via exercise, nutrition, and what you spend your attention on – creating a deeper connection within yourself…then you will feel more empowered in your life and overall creating a whole life reclamation and transformation.